Preparing a new film version of `Pride and prejudice`

Preparing a new film version of `Pride and prejudice`The world has seen many adaptations of the story of Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet. However, the new film version of "Pride and prejudice" will not be like any of them. The film will focus on the servants who worked in the estate of Bennet - Longbourn.According to Variety, the Random House Studio and Focus Features acquired the film rights to the book Jo Baker's "Longbourn". The events of the novel Jane Austen is shown through the eyes of lovers in each other's maid and footman. Here is what "Longbourn" the writer herself:". Читать полностью -->

Victoria Tarasova was a victim of hurricane `sandy`

Victoria Tarasova was a victim of hurricane `sandy`Popular actress, star of TV series "Capercaillie" Victoria Tarasova was a victim of hurricane sandy, which now terrifies the East coast of America. Artist stuck in the airport named after John F. Kennedy, waiting for their flight to Moscow.We will remind, on the East coast of the U.S. more than two million people lost electricity due to collapsing on October 29, hurricane sandy. It is also reported that in some States completely frozen the movement of public transport. on 30 October it became known that the victims of hurricane sandy were at least 13 people. Читать полностью -->

Madonna sang a duet with rapper PSY (video)

Madonna sang a duet with rapper PSY (video)Singer Madonna was pleasantly surprised by his numerous fans, when suddenly sang a duet with Korean star PSY his megahit Gangnam Style, which became the champion of video hosting YouTube.However, when in the process of performing Madonna songs suddenly in the beginning was under PSY and then, simulating horse riding, the fans were really shocked.Ambitious Madonna concert recently held at new York's Madison Square garden. 54-year-old singer as the girl jumped on the stage, ran around in short skirts, incendiary danced, and only the voice gave her age: chipaway, a little shrunken and clearly wants to relax.Madonna herself following a different opinion, as he could, "lit." Somewhere in the middle of a two-hour performance, the singer decided to surprise the audience. She suddenly declared that he wanted to sing a song no longer sung. No sooner had the fans 54-year-old actress to remember what it was from their repertoire was performed by Madonna, as she struck up a song 2008-Give It 2 Me. Fans were delighted and whistled in support. However, they could hardly even imagine what will happen next.Suddenly, just in the stage floor a hatch opened and out jumped 34-year-old Korean artist PSY in a bright red suit (apparently, not lost amidst the Madonna). Читать полностью -->

Heirs Zykina continue to share millions

Heirs Zykina continue to share millionsThe legacy of the late legendary singer Lyudmila Zykina continues to haunt the minds of her numerous relatives. It turned out that on the vast fortune of the actress claims another heir.Despite the fact that with the death of Lyudmila Zykina several years have passed, her legacy still worried about the relatives of the actress. It became known that the state of the deceased singer claims her cousin 68-year-old Vera Vasilyeva. She is going to get its share of the bequeathed property which got two nephews and niece celebrities.As recalled by "Moskovsky Komsomolets", after the death of Zykina in July 2009 was announced her will - most of the property was divided between her closest relatives: children half-brother of Alexander - Sergei, Catherine and George.When I got the news about the death of the singer, Sergei, Kate and George didn't know what really possessed their legendary ancestor. Trying to deal with the estate, Zykina faced with the personal assistant of the singer Tatiana Swingaway. She immediately claimed ownership of the property and valuables of the hostess. Читать полностью -->

Tina Kandelaki appeared without makeup

Tina Kandelaki appeared without makeup Russian TV celebrity Tina Kandelaki has uploaded on Twitter your photo without makeup. Leading carefully watching their appearance and getting regular exercise, despite a tight schedule. Of course, workouts Tina Kandelaki visits in its natural form - without makeup.Recently the star has published in his microblog on Twitter photo during the regular fitness classes. It Kandelaki not painted, but this looks great. By the way, recently celebrated leading 37th birthday. Source: Tina Kandelaki appeared without makeup (photo). Читать полностью -->

Catherine Zeta-Jones managed to cope with severe depression

Catherine Zeta-Jones managed to cope with severe depressionBritish actress Catherine Zeta-Jones managed to cope with severe depression, ceasing to use the Internet and failing to find in the world wide web devoted to his own works published, writes British newspaper The Daily Telegraph."Stop using the Internet was the most clever of what I could do," the newspaper quoted the actress.Zeta-Jones has received wide popularity after the release of the 1998 film "the Mask of Zorro," in which she played a major role. Two years later, a British woman married to Hollywood actor Michael Douglas.In April 2011, the actress was placed in one of the best American rehabilitation clinics with bipolar disorder (manic depression). At this time the spouse Zeta-Jones is recovering after undergoing throat cancer.The disease Michael Douglas was not the only ordeal that befell Katherine last year. His ex-wife also asked the court to give her a portion of the proceeds from the continuation of the film "wall street", released in 2010, on the grounds that the first picture was shot when they were still married.Speaking of the last eighteen months of his life, the actress said: "It was an intense time. Eventually you begin to understand what you are and what is your husband. Learning to appreciate little things like the ability to drink tea on the veranda".Zeta-Jones and Douglas have two children - 11-year-old Dylan and eight-year-old Karis.Bipolar disorder, or manic depression, at different times suffered showman Stephen fry and actor Charlie sheen. Читать полностью -->

Elena Korikova is trying to break another family

Elena Korikova is trying to break another family40-year-old actress and singer Elena Korikova desperately unlucky in his personal life.A few years ago, the pregnant actress was left by the father of the unborn child. Then there were two marriages, which quickly disintegrated. After that Korikova some time met with counterpart Sergei Astakhov, which, incidentally, was married.Now Korikova is trying to break another family - this time Konstantin Solovyov. His relationship with a married colleague Elena does not hide, and even wrote about it in social networks. Source: Elena Korikova is trying to break another family. . Читать полностью -->

Anne Hathaway will play the main role in the film `the taming of the shrew`

Anne Hathaway will play the main role in the film `the taming of the shrew`Anne Hathaway will play the main role in the new film adaptation of the play by William Shakespeare "the taming of the shrew / The Taming of The Shrew".The film will unfold in Italy in the mid-twentieth century. Anne Hathaway reincarnate in Catarina, whose life changes completely after a forced marriage with Petruchio. The script for the film adaptation was written by abi Morgan, known for such bands as "Shame" and "the Iron lady".Recall that this Sunday, Anne Hathaway got her first Golden globe in the category "Best supporting actress" for the musical "Les Miserables". Source: Anne Hathaway will play the main role in the film "the taming of the shrew. . . Читать полностью -->

Hot vacation the Victoria Lopyreva and footballer Fedor Smolov

Hot vacation the Victoria Lopyreva and footballer Fedor SmolovHot vacation Victoria Lopyreva and her favorite football player Fyodor Smolova continues: in the afternoon the paparazzi filming a TV presenter and a player, "Anji" on the beach for an intimate hugs and kisses, and in the evening the lovers walk around the local discos.The couple is not the first week resting in Sunny Miami and, it seems, not wasting time. Young walking to the fullest: Fyodor each day gives Vick huge bouquets of beautiful roses, leads to the pathos of the American party and in expensive boutiques Miami beach. Judging by the latest entries in the microblog Smolova guys already surpassed all places of entertainment in the County and Victoria requires the guy something new. "Goupi drunk,wants to bar where to get in Miami?!)celebrate the anniversary!)" - wrote the player in his Twitter. What Lopyreva immediately "tweeted" him: "I wanna dance!". . Читать полностью -->

Heidi Klum saved her baby in the ocean

Heidi Klum saved her baby in the oceanHeidi Klum, a well known German model and presenter of television programmes recently decided to stay and rest in your busy schedule of work took a few days for a vacation in Hawaii, namely on the peaceful island of Oahu. One day, nothing boded trouble. The weather was calm, the sun gently shone. Heidi Clue and her seven year old son Henry was resting on the ocean. The boy was in the water under the supervision of two nurses.Suddenly, the wind gusted, the sun disappeared behind a small frown from the tree and ran up on shore big wave. She covered him boy and keepers of his nannies, and then dragged all three of them back into the ocean. Читать полностью -->

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