The highest paid actors on television version of `Forbes`

The highest paid actors on television version of `Forbes`The magazine "Forbes" announced the list of highest paid television actors (in the last 12 months). In the first place was Ashton Kucher: shooting in a Comedy series "Two and a half men" brought him $24 million Name of his predecessor, Charlie sheen, this time in the ranking no.Ashton Kutcher tops list of highest paid TV actorsThe second place was taken by the role of Dr. house Hugh Laurie: the final season of the famous medical series earned him $18 million, the same amount earned and ray Romano: the project with his participation "middle aged Men" had no success, but the popular series Comedy "everybody loves Raymond", which ended in 2005, continues to bring a great actor income.Third place in the ranking Forbes was divided between Alec Baldwin ("Studio 30") and mark Harmon ("NCIS: special section"). Each of them earned $15 million in the Fourth line took Tim Allen's role in the TV series "Last man standing" has not brought him any awards, but it has secured $14 million In fifth place Jon Cryer ($13 million), recently received an Emmy award for her role in the TV series "Two and a half men". Also on the list was Patrick Dempsey ("grey's Anatomy", $12 million), Jim Parsons and johnny Galecki ("the big Bang Theory", each for $8 million) and Jason Segel ("How I met your mother", $8 million)The highest paid actors on television version of "Forbes":1. Ashton Kutcher ("Two and a half men) - $24 million2. Читать полностью -->

Megan Fox boasted flawless figure

Megan Fox boasted flawless figure No sooner had the American press to talk about what Hollywood hottie Megan Fox is unable to get back in shape after giving birth, the actress decided to go out to refute all the rumors.26-year-old movie star, September 27, gave birth to son Noah, appeared in Beverly hills on the closed premiere of the film "Love in an adult way", where he boasted a flawless figure. The star has denied numerous rumors that hides from the paparazzi and not released after the baby is born because of obesity - according to the actress, the fault of temporary seclusion was the attachment to the newborn who needs a mother's warmth and care. Source: Megan Fox boasted flawless figure (photo). . . . Читать полностью -->

Anfisa Chekhov staged Striptease dancing shamans

Anfisa Chekhov staged Striptease dancing shamansPopular TV presenter Anfisa Chekhov celebrated her birthday, which she has coincided with the alleged end of the world. Celebrity friends convened and arranged Striptease dancing shamans.TV presenter Anfisa Chekhov celebrated its 35th anniversary. Celebrity invited only the closest friends in one of the capital's establishments in pretty late on the eve of December 21 - intended date of end of the world. At the party, in addition to civil husband Anfisa Guram Bablishvili, were seen Sergey Lazarev, Mikhail Galustyan with his wife, Svetlana Permyakova with the father of her child, Alla Dovlatova with Jeanne Epple, Sergey Glushko, Lera Kudryavtseva and Kate Gordon.The TV hostess did everything to the end of the world did not come. At first there was a talk of shamans, and then came on the stage beauty-stripper, who undressed literally to the stikine (special sticker on his chest, covering her nipples). Interestingly, dancing lover left Chekhova completely indifferent. Читать полностью -->

Harris has released the video to splitting up with her husband

Harris has released the video to splitting up with her husbandAnna Sedokova for more than five months does not live with her husband. Now popular performer undergoes a difficult process of divorce. With this event in the life connected her new video.New song Anna Sedokova got an unusual name - #REMOVE. In recognition of the singer, the lyrics - about her and about her current difficult situation. Match and clip with a dramatic story. The singer in him going through a break with your loved one.As you know, in the life of Sedokova now the difficult period. Читать полностью -->

Great composer died Armando Trovajoli

Great composer died Armando TrovajoliIn Italy died composer and pianist Armando Trovajoli. He was 95 years old. The conductor died on February 28, but his wife Mariapaola Trovajoli announced the passing away of only 2 March.Armando Trovajoli was a brilliant man. In the late 1940s, he played jazz and has performed with Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington. In the early 1950s, he decided to try himself in the role of conductor and settled in the Italian broadcasting company called Radiotelevisione Italiana.But the greatest glory he sought as a film music composer. He wrote the music for such films as"Scent of a woman" Dino Risi, "the Room of the Bishop" and "Yesterday, today, tomorrow" by Vittorio de sica.We present to your attention a list of best movies by Armando Trovajoli, to which he made divine composition:1. Читать полностью -->

Sharon stone on the cover of Amica magazine

Sharon stone on the cover of Amica magazine Sharon stone in the new issue of Amica magazine.Source: Sharon stone on the cover of Amica magazine (photo). . . . . . Читать полностью -->

Angelica wants to get married again

Angelica wants to get married againPopular singer Angelica Agurbash spoke about her new beloved Kazakh businessman Anatolia Pobega. The actress said that it is a very worthy man, and wished that I had met him a few years ago. Wedding couple allegedly scheduled for September.No sooner had many fans excited for their favorite Angelica Agurbash, vdohnuvshy freely after parting with her husband Nikolai Agurbash, with whom relations were not as rosy as it seemed, it turned out that the singer was getting married. Secular gossips learned that Angelica has found a new love in the person of one of the Kazakh businessman Anatol Pobega.The singer prefers not to disclose the details soon joyous event, but did not deny it. "Yes, I have currently an excellent relationship with the noblest man! It all started when we were both free, because there's nothing to hide. I here's divorced and promised myself never to marry! But things turned out differently: before the wedding is still far away, but our feelings are serious, beautiful and durable. Читать полностью -->

Beyonce has posted his personal photos from the family album

Beyonce has posted his personal photos from the family album American singer Beyonce continues to delight fans personal photos from your family photo album.The star has published in his Twitter pictures, which she is depicted with her adorable daughter blue ivy. Beyonce still in no hurry to show the fans face baby blue in all the pictures, the daughter of singer photographed from the side. Source: beyoncГ© has posted his personal photos from the family album (photos). . . . Читать полностью -->

Hollywood couples who fell in love on set

Hollywood couples who fell in love on set Love story is a secondary story line of almost any movie. By and large, no matter what it is - action, Comedy, sci-Fi or romance.No subject love tension no cost, no literary work, it is still a classic said, and I love the storyline in the movie is actually a fertile topic.It's always interesting to watch the UPS and downs of love on the screen. The characters fall in love, quarrel, make peace, get married and this is an extreme naturalism of feelings and emotions that they convey, often creates in the head the idea that people are so ideally suited to each other on the screen, simply to be together.We present to your attention the list of Hollywood couples whose love story began on the set and continued in real life.Discover our list of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. Their relationship began back in 1963 on the set of film "Cleopatra". The artists have lived together for 13 years, twice divorced and once again played the wedding.Relations Nicole Kidman and Tom cruise have also been on the set of the movie "Days of thunder". The perfect Hollywood couple, some of their fans believed, lived together for about 10 years.Jennifer garner and Ben Affleck met in 2003 while filming "Daredevil". Читать полностью -->

Pink appeared on the cover of Shape magazine

Pink appeared on the cover of Shape magazine The star showed excellent physical shape in a new photoshoot for the November issue of Shape magazine.In an interview with the magazine about health and beauty 33-year-old young mother spoke about how pregnancy has affected her life and helped get rid of bad habits:"I started Smoking when I was 9 years old, says Pink, Is For 12 years I smoked a pack of cigarettes a day. I quit Smoking once pregnant, and to this day do not smoke. Since I can't stand tobacco smoke and can't stand being in a room where Smoking... to be honest, apart from cigarettes, I tried ecstasy, amphetamine and other acid... But it's all in the distant past.". . Читать полностью -->

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