Madonna was accused of sexual promiscuity

Madonna was accused of sexual promiscuityCommunity activists have accused Madonna of the assault on the defenses of Russia.As reported online RAPSI of the court session, the activists, accusing the singer in the promotion of homosexuality, said that because of her "boys and girls will become more involved in the debauchery, which would entail the loss of the country's defence capabilities including".Speaking in court on 22 November, the representative of the plaintiffs - nine members of public organizations of St. Petersburg said that Madonna and the organizers of her St. Petersburg concert harmed the institution of the family, had violated the right to social order and encroached on fundamental human rights. "This is a family and civic duty, not sexual promiscuity" - said the representative of the plaintiffs.Defendants, for their part, noted that the concert posters warned the audience that he is not for children and adolescents; in addition, tickets indicated that the event is intended for those who are 18 years old. The defendants also called the arguments of the plaintiffs are unfounded, noting, for example, that the fact of mental suffering incurred is not proven. Source: Madonna accused of sexual promiscuity. Читать полностью -->

Pink love being `ugly duckling` in show business

Pink love being `ugly duckling` in show businessIconic American singer Pink is proud of her love not for beauty, but for the talent and a cheerful disposition.Singer Pink early in his career, resigned to the fact that everyone in show business consider her "ugly duckling". "You will never put on the cover, because you're not cute" - said to me by the producers, but I'm not worried, "says the singer," I knew my strengths: I work hard, I have talent, I'm funny and I'm a good person"."I never wanted to be beautiful, I wanted to be joyful, to feel healthy, strong, healthy, smart and loving. It gives all the joy. And now I have it". According to the singer, the real joy came into her life along with the birth of daughter Willa and a half years ago. "I took her hand and realized that my life for the first time made sense," admitted the Pink. Читать полностью -->

Rotaru has fulfilled a cherished dream of her granddaughter

Rotaru has fulfilled a cherished dream of her granddaughterA famous singer Sofia Rotaru decided to fulfill a cherished dream of her granddaughter Sony. 65-year-old baby singer was given the thoroughbred racehorse.11-year-old granddaughter Sofia Rotaru Sonya already enjoys horseback riding and holding up pretty well in the saddle. However, the girl does not participate in professional competitions, while at the Amateur level. Cherished dream was to own a horse. And recently, eminent grandma little rider Sofia Rotaru decided to fulfill the desire of his granddaughter.The legendary singer gave the granddaughter of the thoroughbred racehorse. Horse named Nabat delivered to Ukraine straight from Kalmykia. Читать полностью -->

4 letters of Nicholas II went under the hammer for $130 thousand (video)

4 letters of Nicholas II went under the hammer for $130 thousand (video)The Emperor addressed them to his uncle, Grand Duke Nikolai Nikolaevich. One was written before 1915, remaining after the Prince dismissed from his post as Supreme commander of all land and sea forces of the Russian Empire after high-profile defeats in the First world war.Put historical documents up for auction is a descendant of the Romanov family, 90-year-old Prince Nicholas Romanovich. According to him, the letter proves that despite the setbacks, the relationship between uncle and nephew until recently, remained friendly. Now, as hoped Nikolai Romanovich, the new owner will be able to write a biography of his great-uncle, Grand Duke.Source: 4 letters of Nicholas II went under the hammer for $130 thousand (video). . . Читать полностью -->

Eva Polna told who the father of her eldest daughter

Eva Polna told who the father of her eldest daughterUnbelievable but true! It turns out that seven-year-old Evelyn, the daughter of the former participant of group "Guests from the future" Eva the Shouting, was born not from the former wife of singer, businessman named Sergei, and the soloist of group "Tea together" Denis Clever!Until recently, the pair carefully concealed this information.Why, Denis and eve not comment! However, it is known that the then-husband of the singer, whom she subsequently gave birth to a daughter Amalia, recorded at himself and the eldest girl. All this time Clever and Polna maintain warm and friendly relations, although to appear together in public for still avoiding. Source: Eva Polna told who the father of her eldest daughter. . . . Читать полностью -->

Fergie has announced that it is waiting for the firstborn

Fergie has announced that it is waiting for the firstbornPopular singer, soloist of the hip hop group Black Eyed Peas fergie has announced that it is waiting for the firstborn. Thus, the artist has confirmed the rumors that are circulating for a month in the world press.The good news with his many fans around the world 37-year-old fergie (aka Stacy Ann Ferguson) shared on his Twitter page. She wrote: "Josh and me and baby equals three!" Her husband, the popular actor and star of films 'transformers' Josh Duhamel revitol this entry, thus confirming the message.According to Life News, the reason for the rumors about the interesting position of the actress became black dress from Chanel straight cut, in which fergie attended the premiere of the film "safe haven" with Duhamel in the title role. Guests of the event noted that the outfit is not typical for the singer, always favouring a tight sexy dress. Someone noticed and the rounded belly fergie. However, until recently neither the singer nor her husband did not comment on the secular gossip.Actually, it is because of the desire to have a baby the sexy singer took a break from mega-popular group Black Eyed Peas. Читать полностью -->

Alicia Keys appeared on the cover of Complex magazine

Alicia Keys appeared on the cover of Complex magazine American singer Alicia Keys starred in a new photo shoot for the December issue of Complex magazine.31-year-old star appeared on the pages of gloss in revealing costumes from All Saints, Plein Sud and Wolford, showing a perfect figure. In addition to a seductive photo shoot, pages Complex appeared interview in which she talked about why he named his son an unusual name - Egypt."Once I was in Egypt during this period in my life has been a lot of changes and I tried to overcome the depression," says the singer, " I came to Egypt one, I needed this solitude. And then I saw this mighty Nile, the pyramids... I remembered about Cleopatra, her feminine power. And when I found out I was pregnant, my husband remembered about this trip, which really helped me get through those difficult times and to find vitality. He said that would be fine to call her son such a beautiful name, like Egypt... Читать полностью -->

Robert plant is ready to revive Led Zeppelin

Robert plant is ready to revive Led ZeppelinRobert plant, former frontman of Led Zeppelin, announced that he is ready to revive the team in 2014. An interview with Australian musician the program "60 Minutes" quoted the British magazine NME.According to Planta, his schedule for the next year free. The musician noticed that makes a statement alone, as his fellow guitarist Jimmy page and bassist John Paul Jones - are silent about the reunion of the band, because they are the Capricorn sign of the zodiac and are enclosed in their own worlds".British rock band Led Zeppelin formed in 1968 and disbanded in 1980 after the death of drummer John Bonham. Since then the remaining members of the team gathered together for four concerts: at the famous festival Live Aid in 1985, on the anniversary of the Atlantic in 1988, at the ceremony of inclusion in the Hall of fame rock and roll hall of fame in 1995 and for the big solo concert in London in 2007.The London concert was supposed to be the first world tour resurgent group, but the tour was cancelled at the request of the plant. However, the recording of the concert was released on DVD "Celebration Day" at the end of 2012. Source: Robert plant is ready to revive Led Zeppelin. Читать полностью -->

Peter Facinelli found a replacement for ex-wife

Peter Facinelli found a replacement for ex-wifeHollywood actor Peter Facinelli, who played one of the leading roles in five films of the "Twilight" Saga, already comforted in the arms of another beauty after the divorce with his wife Jennie Garth.38-year-old Peter Facinelli and 28-year-old Jamie Alexander recently been seen in one of the restaurants in new York, where they enjoyed each other's company. Besides the paparazzi managed to communicate with a source close to Peter, and he said that Peter and Jamie meet.Peter worked with Jamie 3 years ago on the set of the movie "the Shoals". Old friends reunited in Europe in August this year, when Facinelli participated in the promo tour, the movie "Twilight. Saga. Dawn. Part 2," and the actress starred in the movie "Thor".Jamie was the first woman with whom Peter appeared in humans after breaking up with Jenny Garth, to whom he was married for 11 years. Читать полностью -->

Turkish exhibition Nude picture put face to the floor

Turkish exhibition Nude picture put face to the floorFrom state of the art gallery in the Turkish city of Eskisehir removed paintings with naked people, said on Wednesday, December 19, Agence France-Presse.The work was part of the exhibition of the contemporary artist Emin Guarana (Emin Guloren). The visitors found some pictures taken and put on the floor face down again on Monday, December 18. It turned out that all of them were depicted Nude. Later the exhibition was closed.Representatives of the Union of artists, acting on behalf of Guarana, called the incident a manifestation of censorship. A source in the gallery, however, said that the paintings were removed because they were not in the exhibition catalogue, which Guaren sent in advance to the gallery on electronic media. Previously in the gallery exhibited paintings with naked people, said the representative of the institution.The official reasons for the removal of paintings from the exhibition and early closing of representatives gallery is not yet called. Читать полностью -->

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