Girls from group `VIA GRA` sang a new song `I got another`

Girls from group `VIA GRA` sang a new song `I got another`Recently, the group "VIA GRA" producer Konstantin Meladze has recorded a new song "I got another". Flight of ideas fans on the vast global network pleasantly surprised girls. Associative array with the line "there was another" slap with your. There are many options and assumptions begin with the "other" guy and reach the phone, convertible, meaning of life, black cloak, robe and even someone wrote about homemade hamster. Clarity will likely emerge with the release of the clip, it will reveal the mystery about the appearance of the "other" in the life of the lead singer of the popular girl group.Sun and summer dance hit will soon be broadcasted on the radio stations of the country. The song was written in collaboration with one of the best beat-boxers in the world - Vakhtang Kalandadze. Читать полностью -->

Jean-Paul Belmondo held in Russia recital

Jean-Paul Belmondo held in Russia recitalFamous French actor held in the cultural capital of its exclusive recital. In Russia Belmondo came with two of his closest friends Charles Jerram Cuba and the Xin OU. The trio of actors were laughing, joking, lecture smiled. Friends actively supported his more famous friend, who recently recovered from a stroke and hurt her leg. The company resembled the French. Three Musketeers Dumas novel, especially because Jean-Paul Belmondo in his youth playing D'artagnan in the film in 1959.The comfortable hotel "Ambassador" of French celebrity unexpectedly met with a legend of Soviet and Russian cinema Vladimir Etush. Читать полностью -->

Demi Moore goes to parties all alone

Demi Moore goes to parties all aloneIn the past few months, demi Moore and appears on bustling Hollywood parties. Here only rarely in the company and, increasingly, alone.The other day she was seen leaving with entertainment and Sudama in a taxi alone. Despite rumors that the actress had an affair with 31-year-old ex-boyfriend of Lindsay Lohan, Harry Morton, it hasn't been seen near demi. Source: demi Moore goes to parties all alone. . . Читать полностью -->

Demi Moore goes crazy for the novel Kutcher and kunis

Demi Moore goes crazy for the novel Kutcher and kunisHollywood actress demi Moore became the heroine of the new issue of the American weekly People.According to the magazine, the 49-year-old movie star can't cope with depression and almost never goes out, hiding in his mansion from prying paparazzi. According to friends of demi after her ex-husband Ashton Kutcher has ceased to hide from the public his affair with Hollywood actress Mila kunis, mental state star has deteriorated."She is miserable, broken and useless," says a PAL of the actress, the Ground collapsed from under her feet, and near in this time no one was there. After learning about the affair Ashton and seeing the pictures, which he happily walks down the street arm in arm with a young Cute, demi went into a terrible depression, out of which she will not be easy. She humiliated and depressed. After about infidelity Ashton was exposed to the world, she tried to pull myself together, but now, when he again publicly humiliated her, she just gave up". Source: demi Moore goes crazy for the novel Kutcher and kunis. Читать полностью -->

Wife of John Travolta spoke about death son

Wife of John Travolta spoke about death sonThe wife of Hollywood actor John Travolta, actress Kelly Preston has decided to dispel the myths about the illness of his late son Jett.The star appeared in the American Studio of the TV show "the Doctors", which talked about what the Travolta's son, 16-year-old Jett was suffering from autism, this disorder indirectly influenced early departure from life. Recall that Jett died in January 2009 after one of epileptic seizures in the room of Old Bahama Bay Hotel in the Bahamas."Don't believe what you read in the tabloids," said Kelly, - Jett was suffering from autism. He often had fits, and when he was very young, he was diagnosed with Kawasaki syndrome. I am convinced that the occurrence of autism in children involved in the effects of chemicals in the environment and poor quality of food. It seems to me that the health of my child affected by rapid and heavy labor, use of antibiotics during breastfeeding and, of course, chemicals in food and the environment." Source: Wife of John Travolta spoke about death son. . Читать полностью -->

Engagement ring of Edgar Allan PoE auctioned

Engagement ring of Edgar Allan PoE auctionedEngagement ring for did not take place the marriage of the great American mystic Edgar Allan PoE with his first and last love, Elmira Royster auctioned Pofile in History in the U.S. on Tuesday, reports RIA "Novosti".Widowed, suffering from alcoholism and mental disorders, the forerunner of literary symbolism tried to link their fate with Royster, youth Union, which was destroyed at the behest of her parents, who did not want to intermarry with unstable poet.Meeting again after many years has stirred up feelings and Royster, by that time lost their spouse. However, the wedding of Edgar and Elmira did not take place due to the untimely death of 40-year-old For under mysterious circumstances.Lot includes not only a wedding ring engraved with "Edgar", but also a lock of hair, cut poet for romantic lover, and personal letters. Relics auctioned from the archive of the heirs of the family. The auction house expect to gain 30-50 per lot of thousand dollars.Recall, also, for auction letter of the leader of the legendary band The Beatles John Lennon, Dutch artist-post impressionist Vincent van Gogh, the first US President George Washington and the great Russian composer Pyotr Tchaikovsky, and Thomas Jefferson, Adam Smith, Ludwig van Beethoven, Louis Pasteur, Sigmund Freud, Charles Darwin, Marie Curie, Giuseppe Verdi, king Henry II and Napoleon I. Source: the Wedding ring of Edgar Allan PoE auctioned. Читать полностью -->

Famous singer Olga Voronet broke his leg (video)

Famous singer Olga Voronet broke his leg (video)In Moscow a serious leg injury got famous pop singer, people's artist of the RSFSR Olga Voronet. 86-year-old woman fell on the street and broke her hip, reported "Interfax" in the Department of health of the city. She is now in a Moscow hospital.The owner of a unique mezzo-soprano Olga Voronet first appeared on the big stage in 1947. Her career was meteoric. In the 1960s, it was not inferior to the popularity of another beloved singer Lyudmila Zykina.Songs that have become the hallmark of the singer: "But where do I get this song?", "I - Land", "my Village", "Sweet berry", "Why are you girls, beautiful love?", "Adult daughter", "Looking into the blue lakes... ", "Daisies hid", "Kalinka" and many others.Source: Famous singer Olga Voronet broke his leg (video). Читать полностью -->

In Vologda say goodbye to Vasily Belov

In Vologda say goodbye to Vasily BelovIn Vologda say goodbye to the writer Vasily Belov. A memorial service is held in the local drama theatre. Followed by a funeral service in the Cathedral of the Nativity of the blessed virgin Mary, and after the body of Vasily Belov will be transported to the village of Timonina, where he was born.The writer will be buried next to her mother's grave in the village cemetery near the restored St Nicholas Church.To carry out his countryman in the last path expressed a desire about 200 residents of nearby villages, many of them former neighbors of the writer. Now in Timenice no one lives, however, the house of the writer has been preserved in good condition. Here regularly visited by tourists, writers, artists.Vasily Belov, who is called the founder of village prose, died on December 4, he was 80. Widely known author in the 60-ies of the last century brought the publication of stories "Usual thing" and "Carpenter's stories". Читать полностью -->

Megan Fox announced the closure of your own Twitter account

Megan Fox announced the closure of your own Twitter accountAmerican actress Megan Fox announced the closure of your own Twitter account. Microblogging actress lasted less than a week.On closing microblogging Fox wrote on his page on Facebook on January 10. "How could notice some of you, my Twitter account was closed... I was hoping that in 2013 I can finally turn into a social networking butterfly, but as it turned out, I still hate it".According to Megan Fox, the only social network, communication in which she lacks the time and effort, is Facebook. Your message she finished an apology in the form of a hashtag: "#I'm Sorry".Twitter account @meganfox was instituted on January 4, 2013 - shortly after the microblogging service began to spread rumors about the actress ' death, and the phrase "RIP Megan Fox" got into global trends. During his stay in Twitter Fox wrote less than 30 posts and have not signed up to any microblog. Читать полностью -->

Prigogine and Valeria went to Warsaw

Prigogine and Valeria went to WarsawProducer Joseph Prigogine and his wife, singer Valeria went to Warsaw. It was there that the spouses managed to capture the moment when Prigogine picked up his wife in his arms, to climb with her up the stairs.Singer Valeria with her husband, producer Iosif Prigozhin arrived in the Polish capital Warsaw to not only perform, but also to see the sights. In his microblog Joseph Prigozhin has posted a few photos, for example, the Presidential Palace and the stadium.However, one of the most interesting photos turned out to be the frame where the producer holds his wife. While Valeria and Prigogine were clearly in a kind of entrance and prepare to storm the stairs. When and under what specific conditions the photo was taken is not specified.But the comments of many fans of the pair, forcing a smile. Mostly fans rejoice mutual love of Joseph and Valerie, but there was this fan who kindly remembered as a producer is not just compared with well-known cartoon character Shrek. Читать полностью -->

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