`Crouching tiger, hidden dragon` will be continued

`Crouching tiger, hidden dragon` will be continuedIn may in Asia to begin shooting the sequel to the fantasy action of ang Lee's "Crouching tiger, hidden dragon" in 2000 received the "Oscar" for best foreign language film and three other awards American Academy.The script of the new film is also based on books written by Chinese author Wang Dulu. The action will again be built around a female killer Yu Chulani (in the original film she was played by Michelle Yeoh). Script writer, John Fusco, who worked on the movie "the Forbidden Kingdom" with Jet Li and Jackie Chan, gave the resource Deadline this comment:". . . . Читать полностью -->

Ilya Oleynikov buried in Tsarskoye Selo

Ilya Oleynikov buried in Tsarskoye SeloFuneral Ilya Oleynikov passed on Kazanskoe cemetery in the town of Pushkin (formerly Tsarskoye Selo). Farewell flowers on the grave of people's artist of St. Petersburg carried a variety Theatre named after Arkady Raikin, where there was a civil funeral."I'm worried care of Elijah, as the loss of a loved one, dear person, who offered me his talent moments of true happiness," he said during farewell with Ilya Oleynikov honorary citizen of St. Petersburg, people's artist of the USSR Oleg Basilashvili. Goodbye to a colleague came actors Sergei Migitsko, Irina Mazurkevich, Anastasia Melnikova, Nikolay Pozdeev, Moscow singer, actress and TV presenter Alena Sviridova, ITAR-TASS reported.Television program Ilya Oleynikov and Yuri Stoyanov "Town" that goes on the channel "Russia" since 1993, enjoyed a truly popular love. She was four times awarded the prize "TEFI".Yuri Stoyanov during the memorial service sat at the tomb among family members. Читать полностью -->

House music is `the Messiah` by Handel

House music is `the Messiah` by HandelMoscow international house of music concludes the first series of unique subscription "Heroes and legends" in which the brilliant music sounds in the background of the great paintings. on December 28 as part of this subscription will be presented to the oratorio "Messiah" by G. F. Handel.This oratorio, written in 1741, is one of the most popular works of the eighteenth century. The biblical story of coming to our world the Savior in the music of Handel is shown with extraordinary vividness and dramatic expressiveness. It was even said that during the composition of "the Messiah" servant of the composer she often caught his master in tears - so the Creator was amazed by the strength and excellence of the music that came from his pen.In the UK "Messiah" is considered a national Shrine. Читать полностью -->

Alexey Vorobev has lost his memory

Alexey Vorobev has lost his memoryRussian singer and actor Alexei Vorobyov, a condition which continues to be heavy after a car accident in the U.S., has lost his memory. This was announced by the producer Katerina von gechman-Waldeck.Vorobyov who was found bleeding in the brain and multiple bruises, was partially paralyzed after a tragic accident. The singer denied the left side of the body. In addition, according to some, his speech is impaired. It is possible that he would never return to the scene, according to news Agency "Rosbalt".Nevertheless, the overall state Vorobyov had improved, he was discharged from the intensive care unit. According to recent reports, the artist was placed in the neurology Department, where he will undergo rehabilitation.We will remind, on January 23, Alexei Vorobyov was involved in a serious road accident in the United States. Читать полностью -->

Marina Aleksandrova showed a figure after giving birth

Marina Aleksandrova showed a figure after giving birth Became a mother just three months ago (in June 2012 Marina gave birth to their civilian spouse son, Andrew), the actress has already started shooting in the film "All inclusive-2", where Alexandrov plays a major role.All colleagues on the set said that Marina is surprisingly quick and easy came in the form now shows exactly the same figure as before the pregnancy.By the way, young son, Aleksandrova does not leave in the care of nannies or grandmothers, and brings it with him to the shooting, giving your baby every waking moment. Source: Marina Aleksandrova showed a figure after giving birth (photo). . . . . Читать полностью -->

Rudkovskaya lost the baby early on

Rudkovskaya lost the baby early onWell-known producer Yana Rudkovskaya, located on the ninth month of pregnancy, gave a candid interview. She admitted that this pregnancy in marriage with Evgeny Plushenko she is not the first. It turned out, Ian lost the baby in early pregnancy.Now producer Yana Rudkovskaya and her husband of figure skater Evgeni Plushenko are ready to become parents. The baby, who Yana and Evgeny plan to give the name of Alexander, should be born in the period from December 30 to January 5. However, in a recent interview Rudkovskaya admitted that long-awaited baby is not the first married with Plushenko. It turned out in November of last year Jan lost the baby in early pregnancy."May have to say about it. Читать полностью -->

Tarzan caught the Queen in bed with a woman (video)

Tarzan caught the Queen in bed with a woman (video)As you may have noticed, Natasha Koroleva our third favorite star after Anastasia Volchkova and Kamaliya. Because we are looking forward to her new clip, which somehow always one worse than the other.Today we offer you a very fresh video Queen for the song "Venetian autumn", which traditionally took her husband Sergey Glushko, popularly known as Tarzan. What can I say, this clip is a kaleidoscope of trite clichГ©s. It begins with the fact that Natasha is standing on her balcony in a dress with open back and for some reason touches herself with languid pained expression.Further cutting staff romantic getaway Tarzan and Natasha in Venice: hugs, kisses, gondola ride in theatrical costumes and everything in the best tradition of a love of the genre.But the most fun happens in the finale, when the couple meets a mysterious stranger in a mask (probably the representative of the oldest profession) and with it removed to the rooms. In this porn story threesome Glushko got the role of the observer: while the Queen cavorting in bed with a new girlfriend, he sits in a chair and poses such grimaces that unwittingly seems to be a very unpleasant picture of what is happening outside the frame. If it was a parody, if the clip was not, but, alas, it's serious.Source: Tarzan caught the Queen in bed with a woman (video). Читать полностью -->

The star of the movie `Eternal call` Tamara Degtyareva struggling with gangrene

The star of the movie `Eternal call` Tamara Degtyareva struggling with gangreneStar of Soviet cinema Tamara Degtyareva underwent another surgery. The 68-year-old actress began to have serious health problems after she lost her legs.Degtyarev, who played Agatha in the cult film "Eternal call", went to the doctors last year - due to the inflammation, which she began after the usual cut. The actress has cut her finger and at first did not pay attention to it. However, as a result she developed gangrene, and his leg had to be amputated. Second operation she underwent in order to avoid even more serious consequences because gangrene can begin again.The doctors ' prognosis is still disappointing. "While I have no prospects," said Degtyarev in an interview with Life News. Читать полностью -->

`EMPORIO MUSIC FEST` represents the composition of the participants

`EMPORIO MUSIC FEST` represents the composition of the participantsThe solemn opening of the festival-contest of vocalists "EMPORIO MUSIC FEST" was held at Emporio Cafe on the last day of April. Started the event with the band A-STUDIO. On the evening announced the first contestants inspired multi-format music, the ideologue of which is the leader of the band A-STUDIO - pianist, composer, arranger baygali Serkebaev. Now may 7th on stage on stage Emporio Cafe released: Egor Cesari, Philip Curly, Woman's Jazz, My Sister-'s Band, Roman Koshkarov, group 3D-Mix. The competition will be held every Wednesday at Cafe Emporio, and to participate in it will be able both young and experienced musicians of all genres. The jury of the first competition of the day will lead baygali Serkebaev, Tomas N evergreen, Alexander Revva and Andrew Kosinski."The opening of the festival took place in the warm and homely atmosphere, we made a bright start! says baygali Serkebaev. Читать полностью -->

Rooney Mara has graced the cover of Interview magazine

Rooney Mara has graced the cover of Interview magazine In connection with access to the wide screen Thriller Steven Soderbergh's "Side effect", where the main role is played by Rooney Mara, the editors of Interview magazine invited the actress to decorate the cover of their March issue.Source: Rooney Mara graced the cover of Interview magazine (photo). . . . . . Читать полностью -->

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