Masha Sobko appeared without makeup

Masha Sobko appeared without makeup Ukrainian singer Masha Sobko has shared with fans her personal photos without makeup.The star tweeted some photos taken during a long-awaited vacation. On personal pictures Masha pictured without makeup at the restaurant:"The nose is peeled off !!! Come have a tasty meal, " wrote the singer - Weather - super! Saved Panthenol. After 2 days home ... and away we go". Source: Masha Sobko appeared without makeup (photo). . Читать полностью -->

Irina Prokhorova will award the medal of Honor

Irina Prokhorova will award the medal of HonorThe head of the publishing house "New literary review" and public figure Irina Prokhorova will be awarded the Legion of Honor. About it "Lente." said the representative of "UFO" Sonia Yaroshevich.The presentation will take place on 4 December at 18:30 at the Embassy of France in Moscow. Prokhorova will be awarded the title of Chevalier of the Legion of Honor is the first (lowest) of the five degrees of the order.In addition to publishing, Irina Prokhorova oversees Charitable Foundation for cultural initiatives of his brother Mikhail Prokhorov. Prokhorov himself received the degree of Chevalier of the Legion of Honor in the spring of 2011.Irina Prokhorova is also a Chevalier of the French Order of literature and fine arts, the laureate of "liberty" for contribution to development of Russian-American cultural relations, the state prize in the category "Best education project" (2003) and the award of Andrey Bely. Source: Irina Prokhorova will award the medal of Honor. . Читать полностью -->

Toni Braxton hospitalized with lupus

Toni Braxton hospitalized with lupusPopular American singer Toni Braxton was hospitalized late last week with complications caused by lupus.The disease, which often leads to fatal outcomes, was diagnosed with the singer in 2010. Previously from this disease died, the uncle of the stars, Fox News reports.On the evening of 7 December, the singer wrote on his Twitter that he had "minor health problems", and is currently in the hospital. Journalists paid attention to this innocuous post only two days. Press Secretary Tony Braxton confirmed that the star was taken to the hospital due to worsening of lupus, however, to comment further, he refused.45-year-old popular singer of the hit song Un-Break My Heart " suffers not only from the disease, the name of which became a meme due to the American TV series "house MD". In addition to this disease in Toni Braxton was diagnosed with a narrowing of the blood vessels of the heart. For this, the star has been in the hospital twice in January she started having problems with the immune system.In a recent interview to journalists of the program "20/20" Braxton stated that due to sickness, it is likely to greatly reduce touring schedule. Читать полностью -->

Selma Blair shocked protruding ribs

Selma Blair shocked protruding ribs Hollywood actress Selma Blair shocked the audience with her figure.Paparazzi photographed the American movie star while walking with her son Arthur in Los Angeles. 40-year-old actress looked tired, but her thinness was shocked not only photographers, but also passers-by.Salma went for a walk with my son in a warm cardigan that forgot to put on top. Cleavage opened the paparazzi eerie sight - protruding ribs actress. Source: Selma Blair shocked protruding ribs (photo). . . Читать полностью -->

Vanessa Paradis grew thin and old

Vanessa Paradis grew thin and old The famous French actress and singer Vanessa Paradis really gotten old.Unlike their rare appearances on the red carpet, where the star used to see with flawless makeup and glowing face, filming the new film "Under the mask gigolo" in Brooklyn, she appeared with deep wrinkles and dark circles under the eyes.Age the actress also gave a bad wig and excessive thinness - after breaking up with actor johnny Depp, Vanessa lost a lot of weight."She eats almost nothing," says an informed source, " Her main course - cigarette. Vanessa smokes too much. Breakfast - coffee with a cigarette, while for lunch and dinner - only cigarettes." Source: Vanessa Paradis grew thin and old (photo). . . . Читать полностью -->

Popular songs of A-STUDIO rewrite for Symphony orchestra

Popular songs of A-STUDIO rewrite for Symphony orchestraJuly 7 in the Central concert hall "Kazakhstan" in Astana will host a unique concert of the band A-STUDIO and Symphony orchestra "Astana" Famous hits of a-STUDIO sound in a new, symphonic interpretation. The project was named "Symphony'A".The first show was held in April 2014 in Almaty in the framework of the Interstate program "Cultural capitals of the Commonwealth". Tickets for the show were sold out well in advance. Similar programs will be presented on 25 October in Moscow at Crocus City Hall, where tickets are already being sold, then in St. Petersburg and Minsk."To play with a Symphony orchestra, we planned for a long time," says the leader of the band A-STUDIO baygali Serkebaev. - It will be a very beautiful, unusual concert - our dynamic hits take on a completely new meaning. Читать полностью -->

James Cameron will be engaged in statement of a Thriller `The Informationist`

James Cameron will be engaged in statement of a Thriller `The Informationist`James Cameron will be engaged in statement of the Thriller "The Informationist" (the name implies, a person engaged in collection and trade information), reports Heat Vision.The movie will be a film adaptation of the novel by Taylor Stevens. The main character of the book - Vanessa "Michael" Munroe (Vanessa "Michael" Munroe), information dealer, serving the needs of different clients (from large corporations and government organizations to private individuals). Critics compare her with Lisbeth Salander, the heroine detective Stieg Larsson.The book "The Informationist" was published in March 2011. A sequel followed in 2012. Cameron noted that in the works of Stevens, he was attracted not only to live wit of the heroine and her sense of adventure, but also "unexpected" romantic line.It is anticipated that work on the adaptation of the novel "The Informationist" Cameron will start after the completion of filming the second and third parts of "Avatar". Both sequels to the sci-Fi blockbuster of 2009 were announced in the autumn of 2010. Читать полностью -->

Biographer found that Benjamin Britten died from syphilis

Biographer found that Benjamin Britten died from syphilisMajor English composer of the twentieth century, Benjamin Britten, who died at 63 from a heart condition, did not know that the cause of heart disease - syphilis, writes the British newspaper the Guardian, referring to a new biography of the composer Benjamin Britten: a life in the twentieth century" (Benjamin Britten: A life in the Twentieth Century), which will be released in the UK on 7 February.The composer suffered a heart operation in 1973 and, according to doctors, should have been after her to recover. However, his health has not improved, and three years later he died.Paul Kilda, conductor and music historian, believes that Britten had contracted syphilis from his longtime partner, tenor Peter pears. In this case, the biographer suggests that neither Britten nor pierce didn't know that sick.Assistant Britten, Colin Matthews, learning about the assumption of Cildi, said that now the information about the disease absolutely not provable, however, agreed that the findings of the biographer can be true.Latest Opera Britten became "Death in Venice". On the existing evidence Britten and Pierce work on the musical work exhausted composer, he felt tired and sick. Pearce wrote that "Death in Venice" - evil Opera, which kills Britten. Peter Pearce died ten years later, the composer and was buried next to him. Читать полностью -->

Rihanna vengeance is enjoying a well deserved holiday

Rihanna vengeance is enjoying a well deserved holiday The Barbados beauty continues to rest on his native coast, and to delight fans with new candid photo that Riri's posting on his page in your favorite Instagram.Rihanna surely adds to your swimwear collection - this time the girl is posing in sexy Monokini trend with zigzags. In Barbados the singer spends her winter vacation plans and to stay there until Christmas. Judging by the photo, Rihanna vengeance is enjoying a well deserved holiday, without giving up almost anything - even in the cigar or bottle of your favorite beer and gladly shows off her stunning figure. Source: Rihanna vengeance is enjoying a well deserved holiday (photo). . . Читать полностью -->




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