`Astral 2` will be released next summer

`Astral 2` will be released next summerRose Byrne, Patrick Wilson, Ty Simpkins and Lin shaye will return to their roles in the sequel to the horror hit of 2010 "Astral".In addition, James WAN, the Creator of the original picture, will take the Director's chair of a sequel. Screenwriter Lee Wandell again engaged in the development of the plot.Recall that in the original film, the plot is built around a married couple (Patrick Wilson and rose Byrne) who learns that one of their children possessed by the devil. Astral brought its creators almost 100 million dollars with a budget of only 1.5 million.Continue shooting will begin in January in Los Angeles, the premiere of the horror film will take place on 30 August. Source: Astral 2" will be released next summer. . . Читать полностью -->

Lea Michele graced the cover of Marie Claire magazine

Lea Michele graced the cover of Marie Claire magazine American actress Lea Michele starred in a new photo shoot for the January issue of Marie Claire magazine.26-year-old star of the popular American television series "Glee," appeared on the cover of glossy magazines, showing impeccable style. In an interview with Marie Claire Lea raised the subject of his public image and has denied rumours that she is suffering star disease and behaves like a "diva":"I am very down to earth person, but there are things that make me feel uncomfortable - and, believe me, I will tell you about it, "she says," Earlier, I struggled with those false rumors, but now realized that I don't care what they say about me. I have great fans, loyal friends who will never betray me and will always support in difficult minute. As far as I know, the crew and the other guys on glee never noticed me star disease and always said that working with me is easy and fun." Source: Lea Michele graced the cover of Marie Claire magazine (photo). . . Читать полностью -->

Dominik Joker presented a new video for the song `goodbye!`

Dominik Joker presented a new video for the song `goodbye!`in Krasnodar, in the restaurant "Belka and Strelka was a presentation of a new clip of Dominic Joker for the song "goodbye!"."Good-bye" became the second lyrical composition Dominic Joker, after a hit If you are with me", which brought the artist a wide recognition and numerous music awards, including "Golden gramophone". There is every reason to believe that a new song will be liked by the audience and will surpass the success of previous works.The clip was shot in November in the picturesque place of the Moscow region - the same principles Piligrim Porto, on its creation were created by the famous film Director music video Director Irina Mironova (MironovaProduction), behind which more than 400 videos to the iconic figures of the Russian show business.Love and betrayal, delight and disappointment, passions, intrigue and... pirates. A love story unfolded in spectacular scenery: a pirate ship, a medieval tavern, the old Church. A lot of vivid and unusual experiences were all participants of the shooting process, and, of course, its main heroes - Dominik Joker, Violetta Hetman and Safin Rafael. It is now up to the viewer to experience the full emotional palette of the new video, the shooting of which is not inferior to the complexity of the many feature-length films.It is not accidental for the premiere was selected by the city of Krasnodar - it is there found the girl, which is perfect for the role of the protagonist of the clip, around which arose and the love triangle. Читать полностью -->

Ken Nelson will help the group `Okean Elzy` work on new album

Ken Nelson will help the group `Okean Elzy` work on new albumBritish producer Ken Nelson will help the group "Okean Elzy" in the work on a new album. As reported Корреспондент.net currently the team is under the guidance of producer working on his eighth Studio album. The album is in Brussels.According to the portal, they recorded their first single, which will appear in the air in February. In future they will continue to write the lyric of the album. A faster song "Okean Elzy" will be recorded in March.The band's new album will appear in April. His name has not been disclosed. Читать полностью -->

Paul McCartney nearly crashed helicopter

Paul McCartney nearly crashed helicopterFamous musician of the group "the Beatles" Paul McCartney and his wife Nancy Shevell nearly crashed the helicopter. The incident occurred in the spring, but became aware of it only now, thanks to the published report of the Department of transport UK.A case may be referred to the police in connection with necessity of an establishment of the person responsible for the problem of navigation devices, which nearly cost the life of sir Paul and his wife.According to the documents Department of transportation, may 3, McCartney and his wife Sewell returned by helicopter to the County of East Sussex. They attended the presentation of the cookbook the composer's daughter. "But because of the rain, darkness and strong winds, the pilot lost control and tried to land the aircraft in the forest," reads conducted by experts in the investigation.Experts believe that nine-seater helicopter Sikorsky S-76C could be broken on the trunks of tall trees after a failure of the altimeter, which focused on their crowns, and not on the ground. "Only at the last moment, the pilot realised that sits on top of the trees and abruptly lifted the car up, being, literally, on the verge of death," quoted the report of ITAR-TASS.Later, the helicopter landed safely in Kent 25 km from the house celebrity. Source: Paul McCartney nearly crashed helicopter. Читать полностью -->


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