Beyonce was accused of singing to the soundtrack (video)

Beyonce was accused of singing to the soundtrack (video)The scandal erupted around performances by singer Beyonce, who performed the U.S. national anthem at the second inauguration of President Obama on January 22. The artist was accused of singing to the soundtrack. Representatives of the military band to accompany the star, are confused in indications, according to the Washington Post.Journalists vying argue whether Beyonce sang live during formal entry into power of President Obama. Some argue that the video from the concert there is a pronounced "Mal -" movements of the lips of the singer, and sound from the speakers music.The staff of the Washington Post asked for comments to representatives of the marine corps orchestra, which accompanied the singer, but they only confuse the situation. January 22, band leader openly declared that his musicians performed to the soundtrack, however, was the voice of Beyonce pre-recorded, or singer performed live, the musician found it difficult. Читать полностью -->

The concert of Justin Bieber on April 28

The concert of Justin Bieber on April 28The most successful teenager of today. Have this amazing talent of a young singer , in his 18 years with over 47 million fans on Facebook, 29 million subscribers in Twiiter 3 billion and view utube.His latest album "Believe" topped the charts in the US, UK and Europe and all his upcoming European tour is already sold out.Only this year at the prestigious MTV Europe Music award singer received major awards "For the best stage show in the world", "Best male artist" and "Best performer", and it "Artist of the year at the American Music Awards in 2010, the nomination "Best new artist" and "Best pop vocal album" at the 53rd ceremony Grammy awards and 15 million records sold worldwide, including 5platinum.His show Believe, unprecedented in grandeur productions, will arrive in St. Petersburg for 20 trucks loaded with the most recent technical Zvukovye, video and lighting products in the world.The Justin Bieber concert will be held in the framework of the world tour Believe. The singer will present his fans a great show and will perform well-known hits: "Baby", "Boyfriend", "One Time", "Somebody to Love","Never Say Never". Source: the Concert of Justin Bieber on April 28. . Читать полностью -->

Anne Hathaway graced the cover of Vogue

Anne Hathaway graced the cover of Vogue Hollywood actress Anne Hathaway graced the cover of the December issue of Vogue magazine. Movie star starred in a new fashion shoot for "the Bible of Fashion" and in a Frank interview with a glossy magazine talked about how hard she was shooting new movie "Les Miserables".For the sake of dramatic role in the musical Anne not only cut off their beautiful long hair, but also lost a lot of weight. According to the actress, after filming, she felt "oppressed and suppressed":"It was the hardest work," she says, " Thank you dear for your support and understanding. He helped me cope with the emotions and depression after filming". Source: Anne Hathaway graced the cover of Vogue (photo). . Читать полностью -->

Selena Gomez dumped Bieber for the sake of Jayden Smith

Selena Gomez dumped Bieber for the sake of Jayden SmithAs it turned out the Western audience is not only interested in the love Affairs of adult stars, but also stars of adolescence. For example love relationship with canadian singer Justin Bieber and American Cena Gomez is very in detail discussed in the media, they come together and apart.Recently, however, the case has become a new shade. In the relationship of two teenagers stepped a young don Juan. Another angle of the love triangle was not just anybody, and he is a direct son of will Smith, the famous American actor. New boyfriend Selena Gomez's name is Jaden Smith.Young were found omnipresent paparazzi while exiting the London restaurant. Selena tried to pretend to be invisible, closed with her hair, but it's not a movie, this trick didn't work. Читать полностью -->

Media reconciled Katie Holmes and Tom cruise

Media reconciled Katie Holmes and Tom cruiseThe news that former spouses together again was spread around the Internet and caused a wave of both positive and negative responses.Information about what Katie and Tom made it up, appeared after the Internet came a photo that clearly shows the former spouses enthusiastically kissing. However, Katie was quick to refute this information. It turned out that the man in the picture, it does not Cruz and actor Josh Hamilton, with whom the actress plays in the play.Photos that shook the Internet was made during a rehearsal. However, not to recognize a striking similarity Josh with her ex-husband Katie is simply impossible. Maybe that is why the actress and clung to him with such passion. Source: media reconciled Katie Holmes and Tom cruise. Читать полностью -->

Lindsay Lohan got into a fight in a nightclub

Lindsay Lohan got into a fight in a nightclubThe most scandalous Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan re-entered the police station. This time for a fight in a nightclub, reports ITAR-TASS with reference to law enforcement agencies in new York.They reported that yesterday at about 04:00 local time the police arrived on a call to one of the clubs in Manhattan in the prestigious area of Chelsea. Vacationing in club Lohan, as it turned out, in the course of the altercation was allegedly struck in the face by another visitor to the institution, after which the friends of the victim called the police.Already at the exit of the club, the officers arrested Lohan and taken to the station where she was charged with causing bodily harm. Then the actress was let go.The injured medical help was not required.The name of the 26-year-old Lohan does not descend from pages of Newspapers and online publications devoted to the scandalous chronicle. In 2007 she was sentenced to three years probation for driving while intoxicated. The actress has repeatedly held the course of rehabilitation from alcohol and drug addiction. Читать полностью -->

The mysterious death of Berezovsky can't solve

The mysterious death of Berezovsky can't solveThe representative of the coroner, who investigates the death of Boris Berezovsky, said that the results of the investigation will be released not earlier than in two months. She added that so far the police they did not send medical information on the death of the tycoon, in addition, the coroner's employees engaged in the collection of information. And this whole process may take at least two months. The coroner's representative denied the rumors that they know the date and place of burial.Peter Bedford, the coroner of the English County of Berkshire began its investigation in March 2013. The coroner's office has disseminated information then that information relating to the investigation will be announced only during the hearing. A date for a hearing on a date yet to be determined.It is worth Recalling that the corpse of Boris Berezovsky was found by a security guard on March 23 in the bathroom, locked from the inside. Читать полностью -->

The highest paid actors on television version of `Forbes`

The highest paid actors on television version of `Forbes`The magazine "Forbes" announced the list of highest paid television actors (in the last 12 months). In the first place was Ashton Kucher: shooting in a Comedy series "Two and a half men" brought him $24 million Name of his predecessor, Charlie sheen, this time in the ranking no.Ashton Kutcher tops list of highest paid TV actorsThe second place was taken by the role of Dr. house Hugh Laurie: the final season of the famous medical series earned him $18 million, the same amount earned and ray Romano: the project with his participation "middle aged Men" had no success, but the popular series Comedy "everybody loves Raymond", which ended in 2005, continues to bring a great actor income.Third place in the ranking Forbes was divided between Alec Baldwin ("Studio 30") and mark Harmon ("NCIS: special section"). Each of them earned $15 million in the Fourth line took Tim Allen's role in the TV series "Last man standing" has not brought him any awards, but it has secured $14 million In fifth place Jon Cryer ($13 million), recently received an Emmy award for her role in the TV series "Two and a half men". Also on the list was Patrick Dempsey ("grey's Anatomy", $12 million), Jim Parsons and johnny Galecki ("the big Bang Theory", each for $8 million) and Jason Segel ("How I met your mother", $8 million)The highest paid actors on television version of "Forbes":1. Ashton Kutcher ("Two and a half men) - $24 million2. Читать полностью -->

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