Dmitry Kostyuk collects new `VIA gra`

Dmitry Kostyuk collects new `VIA gra`Producer Dmitry Kostyuk, invented in 2000 pop group "VIA Gra", announced the recruitment for the newly formed women's trio. The announcement of a set posted on the website For aspirants required questionnaire, five photos as well as video and audio track with the execution of any song.Meanwhile at the same time there is a set of contestants in the reality show "I Want to `VIA gra`", which is supervised by the composer and co-producer of the band Konstantin Meladze. The project, whose ultimate goal is also called the formation of the new "VIA gra", is reflected on the website "Komsomolskaya Pravda" asked Kostiuk to comment on the possible emergence of two groups with the same name. The producer said: "the Group `VIA Gra` will be in Ukraine alone. I created it 12 years ago, and after a certain period of time, it will start to function again, but in a new lineup. To the TV show Constantine Meladze my group is irrelevant, that's all the questions compare projects please stop".Kostyuk left the group "VIA Gra" in 2011. In November 2012 Meladze announced that dismisses the group, citing creative fatigue. However, shortly after the composer stated that the group will be updated during the reality show: his eight releases in March / April 2013 should show Russian NTV and Ukrainian "1 1".The reaction Meladze on a set that holds Kostyuk, not yet reported. Source: Dmitry Kostyuk collects new "VIA gra"".

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