`Home-2` shame exposed

`Home-2` shame exposedThis happened thanks to the participation in the drawing for the next prize on the project, the former leading reality show Ksenia Borodina and her lover Michael Terekhina.The couple decided to compete with other participants for a house in the suburbs. Touted another prize in the "House-2" as "tower two".Under the terms of the contest a mansion larger than 100 sq. m. was in one of the Suburban towns. It was announced also that the house is completely ready to move - say, it is not only done all the work on the internal arrangement, but also have the furniture ready to be moved into According to the results of the contest, which ended last week - the house won a couple Borodin-Terekhin, which joined the fight almost in the final match. Russian television viewers almost unanimously voted (through SMS voting for your favorite and leading her boyfriend.However already in the beginning of this week it became known - no house is not in sight. Moreover, there is no plot on which this house should be. Photos and videos of the mansion was a fiction.By the way, this is not the first puncture of the controversial reality show. A few years ago there was already played an apartment in Moscow. However, instead of an apartment, the winner (and she was a contestant by the name of the Sun), paid monetary compensation, which in the opinion of the Directors of the project equal to the cost of a Studio apartment in the Russian capital. Source: "House-2" shamefully exposed.

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