Madonna was accused of sexual promiscuity

Madonna was accused of sexual promiscuityCommunity activists have accused Madonna of the assault on the defenses of Russia.As reported online RAPSI of the court session, the activists, accusing the singer in the promotion of homosexuality, said that because of her "boys and girls will become more involved in the debauchery, which would entail the loss of the country's defence capabilities including".Speaking in court on 22 November, the representative of the plaintiffs - nine members of public organizations of St. Petersburg said that Madonna and the organizers of her St. Petersburg concert harmed the institution of the family, had violated the right to social order and encroached on fundamental human rights. "This is a family and civic duty, not sexual promiscuity" - said the representative of the plaintiffs.Defendants, for their part, noted that the concert posters warned the audience that he is not for children and adolescents; in addition, tickets indicated that the event is intended for those who are 18 years old. The defendants also called the arguments of the plaintiffs are unfounded, noting, for example, that the fact of mental suffering incurred is not proven. Source: Madonna accused of sexual promiscuity.

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